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Interactive video demo that provides a taste of what's to come

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The Need for Speed Underground 2 video gives you an inside look at the fact paced and high-speed action of the hot racing game. Need for Speed was a simple racing game that landed on consoles in 1994. However, the popularity of that original game led to Electronic Arts releasing a slew of sequels. The early games focused on racing. Players had the chance to win new vehicles based on how well they performed on different race circuits. The newer games added an element of customization. Namely, players could buy parts and components to revamp and customize the cars they won and purchased in the game.

Released in 2004, Need for Speed Underground 2 picked up where Need for Speed Underground left off. Instead of sending players out on racetracks, players raced through city and suburban streets. Some fans of the game pointed out that it shared much in common with "The Fast and the Furious" film franchise. Actress Brooke Burke signed on as the narrator of the game, and it's her voice that you hear in both the game and the video. Despite being an older release, some people have not yet played the game. These are the players that will want to take a look at this video.

Need For Speed Underground 2 is available as a computer game for computers running Microsoft Windows. The game is also available for use on the PSP, PlayStation 2, XBOX, GameCube, Nintento DS and Game Boy Advance. While you can find copies of the game available online and in local game stores, you probably know better than to waste money on a game without looking at it first. Many racing game enthusiasts find that the developers of those games tend to highlight the pros of the games without discussing any of the cons. Watching the video gives you an idea of what you can expect from the game.

This four-minute video runs a little longer than most game trailers, and the video shows some of the action and vehicles that you will find in the game. Not only will you see cars weaving through traffic and making amazing leaps over hills and racing down crowded streets, but you will also get a better look at the backgrounds, settings and other elements of the game. You can see the buildings and people that pop up in the game and the circuits where you will race.

Need for Speed fans know that these games provide the most realistic action and racing scenes around. Before you waste money buying a copy of Need for Speed Underground 2, download and watch the four-minute video. Similar to a game trailer, the video shows you the cars, settings and even people found in the game.


  • Showcases the great action in the game
  • You can watch the short video in just a few minutes
  • Gives you an idea about whether you'll like the full game


  • Doesn't let you get behind the wheel
  • Focuses more on game play than the customization features

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